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Big crowd enjoys KCO's 'South Pacific'
Palm Beach Arts Paper(7/7/2016)

'South Pacific' set for concert performance Sunday at FAU
Palm Beach Arts Paper(6/24/2016)

'South Pacific' at Florida Atlantic University

KCO's Latest CD 'JubanoJazz' to Benefit FAU Libraries

Kula seeks new audience for klezmer show
Florida Jewish Journal/Palm Beach Jewish News(2/29/2016)

Jubano Jazz Offers a "Third Stream of Musical Consciousness"
New Times Broward-Palm Beach(2/28/2016)

Orchestra to have klezmer concert at FAU
Jewish Journal(10/28/15)

KCO to have Spirit of America concert
Jewish Journal(6/16/15)

Klezmer Company Orchestra concert to benefit South Miami-Dade child abuse organization
Miami Herald(4/24/15)

Klezmer concert leads Kultur Festival at FAU
Florida Jewish Journal(2/9/15)

Klezmer/Yiddish Concert set
Florida Jewish Journal(11/27/14)

KCO ensemble takes first international tour
Florida Jewish Journal(10/6/14)

KCO's First International Tour Showcases World Music Created at FAU
The Boca Raton Tribune (10/3/14)

Ashkenaz Festival event connects the historical dots of 1950s' blues
The Globe and Mail (8/26/14)

Leonard Bernstein's daughter speaks at FAU
Jewish Journal (6/30/14)

Salute to Leonard Bernstein
Jewish Journal (6/30/14)

Klezmer Company Orchestra's "On the Town"
Boca Mag (6/16/14)

Bernstein legacy celebrated at FAU
Jewish Journal (6/16/14)

Jamie Bernstein to discuss her father's legacy at FAU
The Coastal Star (6/3/14)

'Spirit of America' at FAU
Jewish Journal (6/2/14)

Benefactors Support Inaugural Spirit of America Festival
True Blue News (5/16/14)

Jewish Cultural Society Hosts Reception to Observe KCO's 17th Season
The Boca Raton Tribune (3/17/14)

FAU's Music Library Hosts Sold Out Concert For Klezmer Music Festival
University Press (3/5/14)

Klezmer is gonna get you (3/2/14)

Q & A: Aaron Kula
Boca Mag (2/28/14)

Jubano Jazz Offers a "Third Stream of Musical Consciousness"
Broward/Palm Beach New Times (2/28/14)

Concert to headline Kultur Festival
Jewish Journal (2/24/14)

Concert to headline Kultur Festival
Chicago Tribune (2/24/14)

JubanoJazz Klezmer Kultur Festival 2014 (2/21/14)

'American Jewish New Year: Jazz & Wisdom' at Delray's Crest Theatre
South Florida Sunrise (9/3/13)

KCO to play in Jewish New Year concerts
Jewish Journal (8/28/13)

Best Bets: Klezmer orchestra performance
The Palm Beach Post (6/23/13)

Kula does Rodgers and Hammerstein at FAU
Florida News (6/22/13)

Kula does Rodgers and Hammerstein at FAU
Boca Raton Forum (6/19/13)

Rodgers and Hammerstein Concert Set for FAU
Boca News Now (6/10/13)

FAU's Kultur Festival celebrates Jewish culture through the arts
Palm Beach Arts Paper (3/1/13)

FAU holds a week of events celebrating Jewish culture
South Florida Sunrise (2/27/13)

FAU to host 2013 Kultur Festival
Sun Sentinel Online (2/27/13)

FAU Set for Jewish Culture Celebration
Boca News Now (2/22/13)

Kultur Festival, Celebration of Jewish Culture, Returns to FAU
The Boca Raton Tribune (2/22/13)

Klezmer Company Orchestra in concert with Ebony Chorale of the Palm Beaches
South Florida Sunrise (2/21/13)

Happy Klezmukkah
Sun Sentinal (12/2/12)

Jazzing up the New Year
Sun Sentinel Online (9/14/12)

Jazzing up the New Year
Jewish Journal (9/12/12)

Klezmer Company Orchestra to perform at Crest Theatre Sunday
Sun Sentinel Online (9/5/12)

Center Stage
Delray Forum (9/5/12)

Cultural links through music
The Miami Herald (8/26/12)

Guava Rugelach Festival explores musical links between Jews, blacks
The Miami Herald Online (8/24/12)

Klezmer Company Orchestra, Rabbi Irwin Kula Presents' An American Jewish New Year
Delray Beach Tribune (8/22/12)

Welcome in Jewish New Year with Jazz in Delray Beach
Boca News Now (8/14/12)

Best Bets: Spirit of America Concert
The Palm Beach Post (6/18/12)

Music, Vocals, and American Spirit Set for FAU
Boca News Now (6/5/12)

Kultur Festival - the celebration of Jewish culture - returns to FAU
The Boca Raton Tribune (3/06/12)

Best Bets: Klezmer in Boca
PB Pulse (3/04/12)

A Good Kind of Weird: Fourth Annual Kultur Festival Starts Saturday at FAU
Sun Sentinel (3/01/12)

Kultur Festival facilities music, humanities
Parenting Plus (3/01/12)

FAU sets aside eight days to celebrate Jewish culture
Sun Sentinel (2/29/12)

Kultur Festival features music, arts
Jewish Journal Online (2/29/12)

Kultur Festival features music, arts
Jewish Journal (2/29/12)

'Roast and Toast' to celebrate Maestro Kula in good humor
Sun Sentinel (2/22/12)

Society Scene Palm Week of Feb. 22 - Kultur Festival
Fox 40/Sacramento (2/22/12)

Kultur Festival: Reading Monday of Gospel According to Jerry
Florida On Stage (2/21/12)

Roots, Rhythm and Soul
FAU Homepage (2/20/12)

FAU Plans "Roots, Rhythm and Soul" Concert In March
Boca News Now (2/06/12)

Celebrating KCO's 15th Year
FAU True Blue News (2/01/12)

Aaron Kula: Conductor, Klezmer Company Orchestra
Boca Magazine (1/20/12)

An American Jewish New Year; Jazz Wisdom Spirit
Miami Herald (9/25/11)

Kula and Kula at Caldwell Theatre
Boca Magazine (9/20/11)

Brothers join together for New Year concerts
Jewish Journal (9/13/11)

Enjoyed orchestra concert at FAU
Sun Sentinel Letters (7/03/11)

Spirit of America
Palm Beach Post (6/26/11)

Klezmer Orchestra Presents Spirit of America
Happy Herald (6/24/11)

Klezmer Company Orchestra Performs Ellington's "Black, Brown & Beige"
Palm Beach Arts Paper (6/24/11)

Kula's klezmer at FAU
Sun Sentinel (6/21/11)

Kula's klezmer at FAU
Jewish Journal (6/21/11)

"American Masters of Song and Dance" Concert Preview
Sun Sentinel (6/21/11)

'American spirit' in song
Jewish Journal (06/15/2011)

"Spirit of America" Concert Preview
Boca Raton Tribune (5/20/11)

Music Series Blends Spanish and Jewish Cultures
Jewish Journal (4/26/11)

Benefit Concert for Jewish-Latino Teen Coalition
Arizona Daily Star (4/7/11)

Not Your Grandmother's Klezmer: San Diego Jewish Music Series
San Diego Jewish Journal (3/17/11)

Klezmer 'orchestra' to play Purim concert
Pinecrest Tribune (3/15/11)

Latin-Jazz-Klezmer Fusion to Aid Teen Coalition
Arizona Jewish Post (3/10/11)

Klezmer Company Orchestra Trio Performs Classics from FAU Libraries' Collection
Boca Raton Tribune (12/3/10)

Coexistence on Campus: Kultur Festival 2010
Jewish Journal (3/10/10)

Six-day Kultur Festival at FAU
Sun Sentinel (3/7/10)

FAU Links Kids to Klezmer Music
Sun Sentinel (2/26/10)

Kultur Festival to Celebrate Music, Arts
Jewish Journal (2/24/10)

"JudeoJazzistico" and Kultur Festival at FAU
The Parklander (2/1/10)

"Tantz, Samba & Soul" Concert Preview
Palm Beach Daily News (1/9/10)

"Beyond the Tribes" CD Review
National Jewish Post & Opinion (12/2/09)